Monday, June 6, 2011

Waiting for Redbox

It's a fairly typical night at the Reyburn house - Mum's raptly watching the Les Miserables musical (no doubt we'll hear its merits and demerits tomorrow), Dad got bored with Marius' histrionics and went to bed, and I'm writing articles on Helium because I'm waiting for Redbox.

Redbox offers these addictive texting deals, where you can save the stunning amount of a whole dollar if they get to advertise to you. No doubt Satan used the same sort of argument with Eve when debating the various merits and demerits of the Tree of Good and Evil system. "Yes, Eve, I do hear you on that. Yes, yes, it's good to know your limits - but surely one can explore just the possibility that maybe it doesn't matter? I know you have a spiritual budget that doesn't include consequences for forbidden things, but how do you know that you've hit that limit yet?"

Perhaps Marius' histrionics are having an effect on me, and this link between Satan and Redbox is farfetched. Perhaps they have nothing in common but a certain medieval link to the colour of ripe pomegranates. But I know human nature.

I know that I shall TELL myself that all will be well, I'll run down to the Redbox dispenser at precisely 11:49 pm and will be back in plenty of time tomorrow so that my card doesn't get charged. It's a foolproof plan, except for the nature of the card holder; she tends to forget things, get caught up in the moment, crawl into bed with a sleepy smile and have the Redbox DVD smirking at her in the morning. I am tired; I ought to just pay the $1 fee and be happy for affordable entertainment. Why won't that happen? Because, just like Eve, I always think there is something better that the universe is holding back from me.

Oh, wretched consumer that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?!

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